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Invest in Real World Asset Innovation ip

Shift Tomorrow's Trajectory with a University RWA IP Launchpad
Powered by the People of the gDAO.

University Real world Asset IP Launchpad

Join the Web3 Real World Asset revolution powered by PGF Launchpad with cutting edge University laboratory inventions that could change the world with your support.

Discover The Next Innovations In The PIPE-line.


Revolutionises the University R&D/IP investment landscape by fostering Knowledgable community Creation and leadership, disintermediating traditional financial systems thus empowering stakeholders, and allowing new business models to develop and thrive.

A community lead protocol (PIPE gDAO) that fairly, openly and honestly governs overall community ownership of the various protocols it creates to solve the key problems its looking to address, based on its core guiding principles as laid out in the mission, vision and values statement.

Together, finding, forming and funding the change we all want in the world.

PIPE gDAO Announces Strategic Partnership with Vanar Chain to Integrate Launchpad and Foster University RWA IP Projects

Collaboration aims to enhance PIPE gDAO’s Launchpad functionality on Vanar Chain and promote educational initiatives through university networks

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Announcing the PGF Members Multi-chain Airdrop for Launchpad Season 1

We are excited to officially announce the $gDAO governance token air drop!

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Introducing the PGF University RWA IP Launchpad Alpha

The PIPE General Fund Launchpad (PGF Launchpad) Main-net alpha is finally here after the success of our test-net phase for community feedback released in February 2024. Our Launchpad is a cutting edge web3 based funding solution which along with the PIPE platform (Pre IPO exchange),our web2 real world assets partner project aims to solve the European Paradox. What is the European Paradox you might be wondering? Let’s take a closer look.

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‍Impact investing with a smile: how DAOS and refi can be used to help the uk dental crisis

How can DAO and ReFi be used to help the uk dental crisis, in this first part 1 post we cover the basics on how blockchains

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More about us

Bridging the significant and known gap between universities and capital through web3.

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Real World Assets

University technology transfer and knowledge exchange with IMPACT.

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The PIPE gDAO is a blockchain-based platform that empowers community lead regenerative finance initiatives with lasting IMPACT.

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Napkin ideas can evolve through the use of SocialFi.

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A highly transparent web3 investment platform delivering significant IMPACT.

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Contribute to a future building in secrecy

Cultivate a thriving future by investing in Regenerative Finance, a transformative approach that harnesses capital to heal our planet and enhance human well-being.

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Build a Sustainable Legacy

Join the movement towards a sustainable future by empowering Regenerative Finance, a powerful tool that regenerates natural systems and fosters social equity.

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Embrace the Promise of ReFi

Experience the transformative power of Regenerative Finance, an investment philosophy that reconciles financial rewards with ecological restoration and social upliftment.

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Invest in Change

Embark on a journey of global transformation by investing in Regenerative Finance, a paradigm shift that revitalizes ecosystems, empowers communities, and secures a flourishing future.