Real World Assets

Lab to IPO


Fund the project through patient, timely and smart capital from the PIPE’s own fund

Improved ROI

Improve the standard VC/Angel model of 2.5x ROI to 3.97x ROI, through significantly reducing Principle Risk, increasing due diligence hours and harnessing industry and field expertise.

A Private Exchange Dedicated to IMPACT Projects

Successfully funded projects (pre-IPO and onward) are listed on the PIPExchange (PEX).

A novel process for de-risking early stage IMPACT Investment

Disclose and Validate very early stage projects (even before TRL1) Evaluate the viability (commercial, environmental, societal) and IMPACT

New Business Opportunities

Launch a spin out, licence or joint venture in good time based on sound reasoning

Under the hood of the Lab to IPO platform

The PIPE Platform and Lab to IPO Pathway is the crown jewel of the ecosystem.  

It’s where all the magic happens! It is a web2 native institutional grade platform for the commercialisation of university lab R&D/IP ideas and innovations from across the EU that show the potential for significant Commercial, Environmental and/or Societal impact.

The platform has a growing number of European based University technology transfer offices (TTOs) as clients that are actively feeding it new projects for commercialisation evaluation and support.

Once a project has successfully completed it's "incubation" via the PIPE pathway it is eligible to receive up to €2 million in pre seed and seed from the PGF delivered in tranches against KPIs.

To learn more about our real world asset joint venture partner or contact them to discuss how the platform works and automates due diligence tasks.

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