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About Regenerative Finance

ReFi empowers you to align your investments with your values in secure and sustainable way


Get funding for your impact project


Reach a wider audience of investors


Generate social and environmental impact

The PIPE gDAO protocol empowers communities to create regenerative DAO governed funds to solve problems guided by our core principles and develop:

• Commercial viability

• Environmental IMPACT

• Societal IMPACT

Web3 technology allows like-minded people to coalesce around specific themes and challenges while enabling members to share in the benefits of the value they create.

In our case it's crowd sourcing capital that is controlled and directed by communities in a secure, trust less , automated and democratic fund governed by dedicated decentralised autonomous organisations for each problem.

We have developed the PGF (PIPE General Fund) consisting of a launchpad and decentralised investment fund (DIF) to enable University lab projects that are commercially, environmentally and/or societally viable to move from the Lab and toward IPO with our real world impact joint venture partner The PIPE Company OÜ using their ground breaking European Union "Seal of Excellence" Lab to IPO platform.

Once we have achieved our funding goals for the Launchpad, work will begin on development for the gDAO protocol to empower communities and projects to create their own ReFi funds, consisting of a governance token that grants DAO members proposal creation and voting rights.

Democratic fund creation through active member and participation.

Once gDAO has approved a fund creation proposal, members provide all the required support including DAO contributors, development, operational, legal and marketing to make this new fund a reality.

You can find out more in our whitepaper below.

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