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Secure intellectual property protection for all impact investments through PIPE's Question, Evaluate, Disclosure (QED)

How we're Different

A web3 protocol that invests in real world impact innovations from universities

How we Disrupt

Democratising University Investment Opportunities

How you Save

Save on fees with a "one off" fee structure

What we Offer

De-risked early stage private equity impact investing for real investors

The PIPE General Fund (PGF) Launchpad is a web3-based platform designed to fund very early-stage university R&D/IP ideas and innovations within Europe.

If a particular group of start-up companies appear to be more than four times’ more likely to survive and prosper than their peers,
it surely makes sense to target resources on enlarging and expanding such a group. However, while companies spun out of a [European] universities’ research deliver exactly this relative probability of success, there is no coherent strategy to build on what can be achieved” – Forbes.

Empowering members to directly launch real impact projects to commercial viability.

The European region is limited by what is referred to as the European Paradox, which states that [the] European scientific system suffers from: (1) weak incentives to academic entrepreneurship; (2) weak knowledge and technology transfer; (3) lack of research funding; (4) bureaucratic organisational structures and processes; and, (5) scientific-leadership in mature fields of science rather than in newly emerging, fast-growth and highly-promising fields.

Our real world partner The PIPE Company, developed the PIPE Platform and Lab to IPO Pathway to specifically address all these issues.

The PIPE has been developed as a systematic and standardised set of processes and tools with an underlying, proven methodology to address all of the issues listed above whilst opening up opportunity for a novel form of investment in these newly emerging, fast-growth and highly promising projects.

The PIPE Platform in partnership with the gDAO and PGF allows all members & stakeholders to ‘see and be seen’ and evolve the significant commercial, environmental and societal opportunities sourced from university R&D across the European region.

Where the PGF provides investment capital, the PIPE finds and forms the best projects from across the European region, creates the investment and business rationale, secures IP, builds management teams to create the most relevant structure, putting ideas into action and allowing for successful investment.

PIPE is technology and solution agnostic, focusing on commercial,
environmental and societal ideas & innovations that will have the greatest impact on the world.

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