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About Decentralised Investment Fund

Create specific interest sub groups that are allowed to govern their own balance of funds

Collaborate to form an specialised IMPACT funds

Associates and Guilds who have accrued value (sweat equity) can also ‘pool’ and create a DAI (Digitally Autonomous Investor)

Put in work to form a specialised IMPACT fund

An individual associate who has accrued the equivalent of €25,000 in sweat equity can also apply to join an approved xx-DAO as a HNWI subject to acceptance

HNWIs and Businesses can form specialised IMPACT funds

This mechanism ensures a standard method for onboarding ALL investors whilst allowing HNWI and Business groups to create their own, targeted xx-DAOs

The PGF Decentralised Investment Fund (DIF) is an enterprise grade funding protocol for real world impact projects qualified via PIPE.

It provides pre-seed and seed investment opportunities of up to €2 million to approved projects, known as Protégé Companies just like the Launchpad, but also enables further Series ‘A’ investment opportunities via STOs (Security Token Offerings) and beyond. All DIF members will be required to complete KYC/AML checks from eligible nationalities before investing.

Democratising access to real impact private equity ventures for members.

The DIF lives on the Hedera Network to ensure regulatory compliance and an almost carbon negative footprint.

Members who have invested in the main DIF with an investment of $25k+ or have accrued the equivalent in Sweat Equity to create a DAI (digital autonomous investors)as well as Guilds (special interest groups) enterprises or institutions who meet the financial criteria, can create sub DIF called "xxDAOs" .

This allows for the establishment of a dedicated fund in a specific area of focus based on PIPE qualified projects, such as an ETF focused on just AI or Biotech for example. Learn more about the DIF in the White Paper below.

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