Building a successful start-up from a NAPKIN idea powered by community lead SocialFi

We make NAPKIN Ideas easy

Providing a mechanism with the same ease of use or better than ordering an item from Amazon

Secure you Ideas

Enabling the secure registration of VERY simple ideas

Fund NAPKIN Ideas you Love

Empowering interested parties to express interest in an idea and to put their money where their mouth is

Increasing Community Collaboration with Social Fi

Providing an open and inclusive platform that allows maximum participation with minimum exclusion

When you simply must jot down your idea on a Napkin!

The Napkin Ideas System is here to help everyone decide if their initial thoughts and concepts should be treasured and developed or cleared away with the plates.

The Napkin protocol is focused on ideation, for those ideas that need validation and which may not, normally survive first contact with the bureaucracy of a university.  

An idea that becomes a Napkin is shared on the PIPE Platform and allows members to endorse and financially back that idea with small or even large sums.  This ‘momentum’ when it reaches a certain threshold, allows the idea to formally progress into the PIPE Disclosure & Validation (D&V) process.

 If the idea passes D&V and it has sufficient backing and momentum, it will pass into the PIPE QED process and be on the path to achieving funding.

Ideas that do not pass D&V are returned to the author and any funds allocated to those ideas are returned.

Napkins are only possible because the PIPE Lab to IPO Pathway exists to validate and mature very early-stage concepts.  

We aim to enhance the existing web2 PIPE D&V system through the use of web3 technologies that enable the secure, verifiable, digital registration of Napkin ideas alongside SocialFi features to foster a rich community lead protocol with network effects.

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